Titling Yacht Pattern

If you already have the PER/PEE and want to be able to govern boats up to 24 meters in length and up to 150 miles from the coast, you must complete the Yacht Pattern qualification.

You must make an official examination of the Generalitat for which we will provide all necessary materials and access to our virtual classroom for 370'15 € VAT included; plus the fees of the Generalitat for the conduct of the examination and the issuance of the degree: 179'85 €.

This test consists of a test type with 40 questions and a practical case, and is distributed as follows:


Number of questions on the exam

Minimum of correct questions to overcome the module

1. Safety at sea 10 5
2. Meteorology 10 5
3. Theory of navigation 10 7
4. Navigation chart 10 5
Total questions: 40 28 

You must also carry out 48 hours of driving practice worth € 900 including VAT.