Qualification to validate PNB to PER/PEE

If you already have a PNB degree and want to obtain PER/PEE to be able to run boats up to 15 meters in length and 12 miles from the coast, you can complete the PNB validation course at PER/PEE.

The course consists of a theoretical part in which we will give you all the necessary materials and access to our virtual classroom for 126'20 € VAT included. Subsequently, you will have to carry out an official exam of the Generalitat whose fees are € 133'80.

This exam consists of a test type with 18 questions which are distributed as follows:


Number of questions in the exam

Maximum number of errors allowed

7. Maneuver

8. Emergency at sea 3  
9. Meteorology 4  
10. Theory of navigation 5  
11. Navigation chart 4 2
Total questions: 45  13 


In addition, before or after the exam you will have to perform 16 hours of internship: 375 € VAT included; and 12 hours of radiocommunication practices: 260 € VAT included.