Mortgage advice and land clauses

We have a team of experts in mortgages and floor clauses that will help you to achieve the best financing for the purchase of your home and to claim the interests unduly paid by floor clauses.

We have a team of experts with years of experience in mortgages, and we help clients to obtain the best financing for the purchase of their home.
We collaborate with all financial entities and look for the best mortgage options and conditions for each specific case, since there are no two people alike. That's why we adapt to the needs and look for the best mortgage solution that adapts to the needs of each person.


Do you have a mortgage with floor clauses? Get in touch with us and we will inform and defend your rights. You have the right to get what you paid for more.
The European Court, on December 21, 2016, issued a ruling recognizing the right of any citizen to claim, from the moment of the establishment of his mortgage, the interests unduly paid for the application of the ground clause. Specifically, he stated that all citizens have the right to benefit from the reduction of the reference interest rate or Euribor without the limitations that some mortgages include through the land clauses.

Therefore, all those people who have this restriction on their mortgage, will have the opportunity to claim and recover all those amounts paid for more as well as the interests generated.
If you have already finished paying your mortgage, and have not spent more than 4 years, you are still in time to claim.