Vehicle insurance for young people - Pay as you drive

Prevent good drivers with cutting-edge insurance: "Pay as you drive."
Let's analyze how you drive and what your habits are, and adjust your insurance quota to the real risk.


Our team of experts will install a small device in your vehicle in a totally free way that will help us to know how to drive. Depending on your real driving, driving hours and the areas you drive, we will adjust the quota each month, making it possible for you to even return money if your driving is safer than we had estimated at the beginning . Everything is transparent, automatic and, of course, completely confidential, since we do not all drive the same or travel the same kilometers, we do not all have to pay the same.

You can save up to 40% on your car insurance quota, or whatever is the same, you will pay for exactly what you use for your vehicle. Not at all.

Calculate your quota according to:

  • Your way of driving: If you respect the speed limits or if you do not have a sudden driving.
  • Number of miles you make per year.
  • Driving conditions: If you travel more by city or highway, or if you drive more by night or by day.

From this premium you will pay 50% at the beginning of the period and the rest will be adjusted month by month, in 11 installments, depending on the way you drive. In addition, the maximum premium to be paid will always be communicated in advance before hiring the insurance.

In addition to all this this insurance contains the following advantages thanks to the technology incorporated in your car. We can offer a series of additional services totally free:

Accident: In case of an accident, the telematic device installed in your vehicle will emit an emergency signal to a telephone platform where our operators will call you to confirm the emergency situation and offer you the help that you need

Burglary: In case of theft we help you locate your vehicle.

Avaria: If you have a breakdown and you need a crane, but you do not know where your vehicle is located, you can request the travel assistance service, and we will locate your vehicle.

Moreover to the usual breakdown services of moons, declaration of claims, defense of fines, workshops, ...