Life insurance

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Are you worried that the standard of living of your family depends on your income? We offer you life insurance, insurance that will adapt to your needs and that of yours from the first day so that you and your family enjoy your time without having to live worried about possible economic unforeseen. Our specialized managers will take care of all the necessary procedures so that you do not have to take care of anything. In addition, you may have an advance of the capital you have insured in case of disability, incapacity or loss of autonomy.


  • Death: guarantees the payment of a capital in case the insured person dies for any reason.
  • Gestoría in case of death: we will take care of all the necessary procedures.
  • Advance of the Insured Capital in case of:
    • Absolute and permanent disability: guarantees the advance payment of up to 100% of the death capital, in case the insured person can not exercise any paid profession. Hiring this coverage is optional.
    • Loss of autonomy: guarantees the advance payment of up to 100% of the capital in case of death, in case the insured person needs the services of another person to perform the most basic activities of daily life. Hiring this coverage is optional.
  • Death by accident: guarantees the payment of additional capital in case of death by accident. If you contract this option, we also offer you the possibility of contracting an advance on this additional capital for absolute and permanent disability by accident. Hiring this coverage is optional.
    Second medical opinion: If you are diagnosed with a serious illness, we guarantee access to the medical opinion of recognized doctors in the international field. In addition, we manage medical care procedures with significant discounts in the most prestigious centers in the United States and Europe.
  • Cosmetic Surgery: Coverage of the costs of a cosmetic surgery intervention caused by an accident.



  • Guaranteed economic solvency: in our Life insurance we guarantee the economic solvency you and your family against any unforeseen.
  • Wide range of complementary coverages:
    • We offer death coverage up to 65 years. And if your partner also decides to make sure, we discount the price of the second policy.
    • You choose the insured capital, the periodicity of the payment and the coverages.
  • Exclusive services: you will have at your disposal a new, exclusive and free service of management for you and yours.
  • Save on taking care of your health: If you take care of your health, you can save up to 43% of the premium.
  • Taxation: Privileged tax treatment. Life insurance does not have any tax impact while your insurance is in effect. If you ever use your insurance, in case of disability, invalidity or loss of autonomy, the benefits you receive, as insured and beneficiary, will be taxed in the I.R.P.F. such as Capital Yields with the appropriate reductions depending on the degree of handicap. In case of death, the capital will be taxed in the Inheritance and Donations Tax.