Home insurance

At Medinyà Management we seek the insurance that best suits your needs, allowing you to adapt services and coverage to each person's way of life.
Protect your home and the investment it represents with full insurance.


We will ensure the totality of the property, both the building, the furniture and the interior goods, as well as the civil liability of the home. You can also ensure jewelry and valuable goods, as well as a protection for your mobile phone and if you have pets, you can also make sure.

Be protected from all the damages you may suffer:

  • Damages produced by water
  • Splits of glass, mirrors, ceramic hobs, solar panels, ...
  • They are housing and vandalism
  • Fires and other damages such as explosions, lightning falls, electrical damage, ...
  • Total ruin for works of third parties
  • Demolition, salvage and other costs derived from an accident
  • ...

Each person is different, so each one needs special and individualized advice that allows you to find the perfect insurance and cover what you really need, adapting to your needs, without having to pay more than what you need.