Boat nautical insurance

It is an insurance directed to shipowners/boat owners. It is a product designed to cover risks derived from the use and enjoyment of boats, allowing the hiring of modules of risks of different nature.


Management Medinyà Sant Feliu is the solution to cover all your needs at sea and to enjoy a good day of navigation, looking for the most innovative policy in the sector to increase the feeling of security when you sail.

We offer full-risk insurance, so the insured boat is covered against all risks of total loss, total loss of construction, costs of salvage or partial damages suffered by the insured boat, its components and equipment, including machinery and auxiliary vessels for any external cause.

We will insure your boat for its real value, without breakdowns of the insured value or confusion.

You can secure your boat within very broad limits, such as 200 miles from any member country of the European Union, including crossings between the Peninsula and the Canary Islands.

Additionally, we can also provide coverage for navigation throughout the Mediterranean and also around the world, including in the Caribbean Sea.
If you participate in regattas, because we know that there are not two equal regattas, we have classified the different classes of regattas according to their duration and area where the tests are carried out. Thus we grant the correct coverage in the most accurate way and adapting to the needs of each person, each situation and each boat.
In order to serve the great demand existing in the nautical market and to simplify and speed up the recruitment of this insurance, we offer 3 main insurance options to adapt your policy to your needs:

  • Civil Liability, and optionally you can contract guarantees for personal accidents, travel assistance, legal defense, rescue and maritime assistance.
  • Total loss, and optionally may contract other guarantees such as loss of personal effects, personal accidents, travel assistance, legal defense, war and strikes.
  • All risk, and you can also hire other guarantees such as those that cover personal effects, personal accidents, travel assistance, legal defense and wars and strikes.

Our rates are the most competitive and we also offer bonuses for non-accidents since the first year.